You can find on this page some general informations about present and past activities of both Elektramusic France and Elektramusic Swiss. Elektramusic dedicated to promote musical creation in the fields of electroacoustic music, electronic arts, video arts, performances and contemporary dance. Elektramusic works to :

– the diffusion of new works (concerts, festivals, meeting).
– musical creation (help for composers, bursary, prize)
– disc production
– electroacoustic music education

And all necessary activities to developp electroacoustic music and its audience.

Musiques Éclatées à Strasbourg

Elektramusic a le plaisir de vous annoncer la création de son nouveau dispositif Musiques Éclatées, ce projet qui débute en 2018 a pour objectif de soutenir et d’accompagner les projets musicaux innovants et émergents à Strasbourg et dans le Grand-Est. Ce projet s’articule autour de plusieurs axes : • Un accompagnement de...
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Call for contributions – eContact! JTTP

Some upcoming DEADLINES for Calls for Submissions to keep in mind * eContact! 19.3 Light+Sound / Lumière+Son (**!!! extended to 22 JAN !!!** ) * eContact! 19.4 Media-Specific Music / Musique pour support spécifique (28 FEB) * Jeu de temps / Times Play 2017 (JTTP 2017) (01 MAY)
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Sonic DIY: Repurposing the Creative Self – CEC

 Offering an alternative to pre-fab commercial products, DIY audio and sound art practices celebrate the unique visions and needs of the individual artist. Some of these original voices are featured through pieces about the people making up the community, about their instruments and artistic practice, about the philosophical intentions and...
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Le temps nu – Pasolini

Elektramusic Geneva is very happy to be partner of « Le temps nu – Pasolini ». This new choreographic and musical creation is a hommage  to Pasolini universe and will take place in march 2016 at Le Galpon Thêatre in Geneva March 18th and 20th at 08:00 PM and March 21st at 06:00...
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Videomusic concert at MAMCS Strasbourg France

Electroacoustic videomusic concert Auditorium – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts – Strasbourg France February 18th – 08:00 PM Elektramusic is proud to announce its upcoming concert at MAMCS Strasbourg. This concert will take place on February 18th at 08:00 PM and will feature a very interesting bunch  of new...
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Live concert « Electroacoustic adventures »

THURSDAY 4TH JUNE AT 8:00 P.M. LIVE CONCERT « ELECTROACOUSTIC ADVENTURES«  Auditorium MAMCS 1 place Jean Arp – 67000 Strasbourg     During this spatialized concert, come explore and live sensory experiences through new electroacoustic creations. You will find out that young composers and sound artists create unique universes by combining worlds...
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Concert Pamelia Kurstin – March 19th MAMCS Strasbourg

Thursday 19th March at 8:00 PM PAMELIA KURSTIN – THEREMIN SOLO MAMCS / 1 Place Jean Arp 67000 Strasbourg FRANCE Elektramusic is proud to invite Pamelia Stickney (formerly known as Pamelia Kurstin), an American theremin player. Her background as a jazz musician on the upright bass has led to develop...
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Elements II at SUAL Vienna

Next week at « Shut up and listen festival » in Vienna : Elements II (produced by Elektramusic, music by Paul Clouvel, video art by Michaela Schwentner will be screen at the opening night on november 27th, then during all the festival from 27 to 29 of november. SUAL Vienna also features...
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HORIZONS – A project for music performance

Elektramusic is associated to the creation of  « Horizons »  by  company Médiane, directed by Catherine Sombsthay, who embarks itself and the audience on an electroacoustic music travel on works of Danish composer Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjaerg. Catherine Sombsthay proposes with Horizons to visualise on stage the compositions of Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg by manipulating a...
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Concert Marije Baalman STEIM/November 13th MAMCS Strasbourg

THURSDAY 13th NOVEMBER at 8:00 PM MAMCS / 1 Place Jean Arp 67000 Strasbourg FRANCE Elektramusic is proud to invite Marije Baalman, an artist and researcher/developer working in the field of interactive sound art. Since 2010 she works as a freelance artist and developer from Amsterdam and works as a hardware engineer...
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Sense/Stage workshop in Strasbourg

Wireless sensing for music, environments, and performance with Sense/Stage Elektramusic is proud to invite STEIM Amsterdam in Strasbourg for a two-days workshop on Sense/Stage wireless sensing for music, environments, and performance. Dates : November 14 and 15 of 2014. Place : Strasbourg (France) TJP theater Admission fee : free  (limited...
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Strasbourg Contemporary Music

Elektramusic is proud to announce that contemporary music organizations in Strasbourg (France) have now a shared communication to be more efficient, with two new supports : – A Facebook page to share and speak about all these activities and project. And more to come soon.....
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Creation Geneva « la postura della clessidra »

Geneva Danse & Music fest Creation « la postura della clessidra » Baulieu park Geneva – June 21st at 07:00 PM free Elektramusic Geneva and Velvet Blues will present at Geneva Music Fest a new musical and choreographic work by Melissa Cascarino « la postura della clessidra » with musics by : – Paul...
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Concert June 12th MAMCS Strasbourg

Elektramusic announces its last concert for this season at  MAMCS/Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg France. MAMCS 1 place Jean Arp 67000 Strasbourg France June 12th at 08:00 PM   « Electroacoustic modernity » From Fuga interna by Katharine Norman to a new world premiere by Paolo Aralla, with electroacoustic...
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Denis Dufour concert at MAMCS

Elektramusic is proud to rganize a concert with french composer Denis Dufour at MAMCS/museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts in Strasbourg. Denis Dufour is one of the main french composer of acoustic music in France and will perform a monographic concert ‘Esprit de suite » on Motus acousmonium. This concert will...
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Elements @ HAFF

« Elements II » music by our director Paul Clouvel and video artwork by Michaela Schwentner (Austria) is selected in competition at HAAF Holland Animation Film Festival in March’15. Mode details about HAAF here :
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Bien Entendu !!

Elektramusic is proud that our concert of Denis Dufour at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts in Strasbourg is now part of the event « Bien Entendu », the « month for musical creation ». This event is the first one in France and features more than 101 concerts, 37 musical events, 26 performances,...
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100% Swiss Concert at MAMCS Strasbourg France

Elektramusic Geneva announces its « 100% Swiss Concert » to discover young and emerging composers and sound-visual artists working hard in the Swiss area. This concert will take place at the MAMCS auditorium in Strasbourg-France (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts) on December 15th of 2013 at 08:00 PM. This concert will...
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Geisterthema creation in Geneva

CREATION GEISTERTHEMA Salle Etincelle / Jonction Genève From November 5th to November 9th – every evening at 08:00 Etincelle – 18 bis Avenue Ste-Clotilde Genève A transdisciplinary creation for electroacoustic music, piano, dance and video based on works by Robert Schumann… Music : Paul Clouvel Choreography, dance and piano :...
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Concert + movie-concert in Geneva September 20+21st/2013

September 20 and 21st at 09:00 PM NUITS DE SAINT GERVAIS Saint Gervais, rue des Terreaux-du-Temple 12, Genève Electroacoustic movie concert + videoworks-concert Two electroacoustic music and video concerts for the « Saint-Gervais » temple nights this year with : – « Les trois lumières » by Fritz Lang on Septembre 20th...
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Videoworks at Maison de l’Image Strasbourg

  Elektramusic has a collaboration with the « Maison de l’Image » in Strasbourg, a non-profit society dedicated to audiovisual production, movies and documentary. If you visit Strasbourg, take a break by the library of the Maison de l’Image where you can consult-view-listen to more than 50 electroacoustic music videoworks from all...
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