22 août 2014

Sense/Stage workshop in Strasbourg

Wireless sensing for music, environments, and performance with Sense/Stage
Elektramusic is proud to invite STEIM Amsterdam in Strasbourg for a two-days workshop on Sense/Stage wireless sensing for music, environments, and performance.

Dates : November 14 and 15 of 2014.
Place : Strasbourg (France) TJP theater
Admission fee : free  (limited number of participants)
Application and information by mail before November 6th directly at elektramusic

A workshop exploring the creative possibilities of wireless, networked sensing. The platform we’ll be using is Sense/Stage, a hardware/software system developed specifically for the development of wireless and networked systems for performance, dance, and music.

The workshop will focus on using the hardware and integrating it with your current software environment. The goal is for everyone participating in the workshop to come out ready to useSense/Stage in their own creative projects.

The first part of the workshop will feature an introduction to Sense/Stage, detailing the hardware and software infrastructure in a presentation, followed by a hands-on demonstration of the hardware and software. We will also discuss your plans on using the technology in your projects.

The second part we will focus on getting started with how to integrate the technology in your own projects, showing how to attach sensors to the Sense/Stage MiniBees and adjust the configuration of the software.

We assume you already have some experience with interactive art and design, and that you are already familiar with an OSC-friendly software package for creating sound, visuals, and interaction.

Sense/Stage is:

The Wireless Sensor Hardware

The Sense/Stage minibee is a small, battery-powered Arduino-based wireless node that can be worn on the wrist, sewn into clothing, or embedded in objects. Each node is equipped with a built-in accelerometer (ideal for capturing motion), but also has ample analog/digital input possibilities for adding more sensors, and can communicate using OSC. You can have as many or as few of these nodes as you need, and using the data sharing software they can all communicate with one another.

The Data Sharing Environment

Cross-platform, open-source software that enables the real-time sharing of sensor data among wireless nodes. Collaborators subscribe to any incoming data streams they want to use, and supply data streams of their own for use by other collaborators.

More information about Sense/Stage is available at: http://docs.sensestage.eu
and also on : http://steim.org/event/sensestage-wireless-sensing-workshop/

A project by Elektramusic/direction Paul Clouvel with kind support of :