16 décembre 2015

Le temps nu – Pasolini

Elektramusic Geneva is very happy to be partner of « Le temps nu – Pasolini ». This new choreographic and musical creation is a hommage  to Pasolini universe and will take place in march 2016 at Le Galpon Thêatre in Geneva

March 18th and 20th at 08:00 PM and March 21st at 06:00 PM
Duration: circa. 100 minutes


Conception, choreography : Melissa Cascarino
Lights and scenography : Yann Marussich
Dance : Noémi Alberganti, Melissa Cascarino, Mehdi Duman, Olivia Ortega
Music improvisation live : Gwenaëlle Chastagner Angei
Electroacoustic music : Paul Clouvel
Live video creation : Alexis Jacquand
Costumes : Toni Texeira

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