18 août 2012


Elektramusic has selected Rodrigo Sigal‘s «  »Friction of things in other places » and is very proud to publish this work in Elektramusic CD volume 01.
Friction of things in other places
duration 08’00 – 2002 Elektramusic Electroacoustic Music Volume 01 CD – track 03
When things occur simultaneously there will always be different levels od friction.
Energy, disagreement, pitch, physical action and others are areas where difference can generate musical material.
Friction of things in other places explores different levels to structure sound ideas through differences in material and sound sources.
“Friction of things in other places” was created in 2002 at the composers’s studio in london.

Rodrigo Sigal was born in 1971 in Mexico City. He holds a PhD in Electroacoustic composition from City University in London and a BA in composition from the Musical Studies and Research Center (CIEM) in Mexico City, and was part of the composition workshop directed by Prof. Mario Lavista.
He also studied with Denis Smalley, Javier Alvarez, Franco Donatoni, Judith Weird, Michael Jarrel, Alejandro Velasco and Juan Trigos among others. He is now pursuing a postdoctorate at the National School of Music in Mexico.
Rodrigo Sigal is in charge of the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts (C+).
Since 1991 he has been working as composer, sound and recording engineer in his private studio in Mexico, London and Santiago, composing for dance, video, radio and T.V..
Rodrigo Sigal was the coordinator of the Computer Music Lab at the CIEM from 1994 until 1998.Rordigo Sigal has
received awards from the Mexican National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA), The CIEM, The Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada, ORS and The Sidney Perry Foundation in England and the LIEM Studios and The Ministry of Culture in Spain, the 1st. Prize (Cycles, 1999), honorary mentions (Tolerance, 2000 and Twilight, 2001) at the Luigi Russolo Composition Prize and finalist at Bourges 2002 (Twilight). “Friction of things in other places” won the 3rd place at the JTTP prize in 2003 by the CeC (Canada) and the SAN (UK).
Rordigo Sigal’s work is available in more than 10 compact discs, and his CDs « Manifiesto » and “Space within” had received excellent reviews and radio broadcast in Mexico and abroad. His music is performed constantly in
different countries.
Since 1998, Rodrigo Sigal takes active part in DAM (www.dam-music.org), a group of six composers that is working on different interdisciplinary projects including “Altenative Sessions” with The Maarten Altena Ensemble presented in Mexico and The Netherlands, and since 2004 he is a member of the Latin-American Sonic Arts Network (www.redasla.org).
Future activities include concerts and seminars in different countries and a new piano and electroacoustic sounds concerto