19 août 2012


Elektramusic is proud to publish Jetlag +6Hrs, a work of Federico Schumacher.
Jetlag +6Hrs
duration : 9’51
Elektramusic Electroacoustic Music Volume 02 CD – track 03
Jetlag +6 Hrs was born of the collaboration with Djef, a chilean electronic music composer. A collaboration at a distance and with jet-lag.
The purpose was to create something which put together two sonic universes, regardless of form or preconceived ideas.
This piece is his answer to this challenge.

Federico Schumacher is a chilean composer born in 1963 in Santiago, Chile.
He studied music at the University of Chile and composition, electroacoustics and computer assisted composition in France, where he lives since 2001. He has a diploma on electroacoustic composition of Pantin’s Conservatory with Christine Groult and an instrumental composition diploma from Blanc- Mesnil’s Conservatory with Philippe Leroux.
He is at the origin of the Electroacoustic Community of Chile (CECh), which he represents at the assemblies of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (CIME). He is also a co-fundator of the International Festival of Electroacoustic Music Ai Maako, which takes place in Santiago, Chile since 2001.
He’s working in several researchs concerning the Chilean and Latin America Electroacoustic Music History granted by the Chilean governement. Especially, he wrote an History of Chilean electroacoustic music.
He composed music for solo instruments, chambers ensembles and orchestras using electroacoustics and created acousmatics works.
He received a number of different awards and commissions for his compositions like a second prize in the Prix Bruynél 2005 and a first prize in Miniaturas electroacusticas 2006, and was selected several times for composition grants from the Chilean government.
His music was performed in Chile, Argentina, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, USA, Germany, Mexico and Cuba…