10 août 2012


Adam Stansbie
durée/duration : 09:10 Elektramusic Electroacoustic Music Volume 03 CD – piste/track 04
Fractions was composed in 2011 at Leeds College of Music (LCM), UK, and Elektronicmusikstudio (EMS), Sweden; the piece would not exist without the generous support of these two institutions. Fractions is dedicated to Dale Jonathan Perkins (LCM), in recognition of his encouragement, his enthusiasm and his music.

Adam Stansbie is a composer and performer specialising in electroacoustic music. In recent years, his musical works have been presented at festivals, concerts and events throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia and have won a number of international awards; these include a Residency Prize at the Bourges International Competition, France (2006), First Prize (Category A) in the International Acousmatic Competition ‘Metamorphosis’, Belgium (2006) and First Prize in the Destellos Competition, Argentina (2010).
Stansbie has worked at a number of prestigious European studios (including the IMEB, France (2007,2008), Musiques et Recherche, Belgium (2009), VICC, Sweden (2010) and EMS, Sweden (2011)). He is currently Senior Lecturer in Music, Sound and Performance at Leeds Metropolitan University.