1 décembre 2013


Paul Clouvel is a French electroacoustic and contemporary music composer. He was born in 1971 in France. His compositional output consists of works for instruments and live electronics, sound installations, dance, theater, and animation projects, but all activity is rooted in his work with acousmatic tape composition, which features most strongly amongst his creations.

Paul Clouvel studied orchestra conducting at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris, then composition and harmony at the International Music Conservatory in Paris, receiving a « with merit diploma » in 1992. He also studied musicology at Paris-Sorbonne university . He attended IRCAM summer academy in 1996 at the Institut de Recherche/Coordination Acoustique/Musique in Paris. He also completed the Sound Arts course, a complete course of study in acoustics and sound engineering at the national Music Conservatory in Bourges (France). Paul Clouvel completed the electroacoustic music course at the National Music Conservatory in Bourges, France, wehre he was awarded a 1st prize (Diploma in Musical Studies) in composition for instruments and tape, and 1st prize (Diploma in Musical Studies) in studio electroacoustic music composition. In 1997-1999 Paul Clouvel studied computer music and electroacoustic music composition with composer Marco Stoppa at CNSM/Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Lyon, France. Paul Clouvel also studied sound design, computer music and music management (Adatec Orléans – France, Willems Lyon France, and others) and received a Certificate of completion at Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA). He also gratuated in cultural administration and business, and teaches cultural administration at university.

Video works on Paul Clouvel’s musics are realised by Austrian artist Michaela Schwentner, which often works with musician, such as Peter Rehberg.

Clouvel’s works have been performed in many festivals in France and abroad, including le Bruit de la Neige in Clouvel’s works have been performed in many festivals in France and abroad, including le Bruit de la Neige in Annecy (France), the City of Music in Paris, the planetarium in Lille (France), Fimu Belfort (France), and in several concerts in Amsterdam (Netherlands), La Havana (Cuba), New-York (USA), and on radio broadcasts in the Netherlands 5radio 4), Canada, Hungary, and French France Musique National radio. His works appear on a solo CD “Paul Clouvel 2003”, on the “DisContact III” CD produced by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, on the “Astonishing Journeys” CD produced by the Studio Forum in Annecy, France, on the « 60×60 » CD produced by Vox-Novus (New-York), on the « Composite, Caduques » CD produced by ArtBoretum (France). . He was selected on the 60×60 project (New-York) and was performormed at the California Los Angeles Harbor College (USA), at Goldsmiths College in London (UK), at the Art School of Hartford University (USA), at the Albany State University in New-York (USA), at Roosevelt University Chicago (USA), at collectif « Unconscious » New-York (USA), at the Essl Collection Klosterneuburg (Austria), at Mills College Oakland in California (USA), at Kulturkiosken in Gavle (Sweden), at the Bijou Theater in Valencia California (USA), at the « All Ears Contemporary Music Festival » in London (UK), and at the Sydney Conservatory of Music (Australia).

His work has received many awards, including a French Authors Rights Society SACEM prize for young composers, a prize at the Russolo-Pratella International Composition Competition in Varese (Italy), and French Authors Rights Society SACEM bursary awards for contemporary music in 2003, 2004 and 2007. He also received a composition residency and bursary from the State of Geneva (Swiss).