20 novembre 2013


Christopher DeLaurenti is part of the second Elektramusic « Electroacousic Music » CD with his work Glyph.
duration : 4’32
Elektramusic Electroacoustic Music Volume 02 CD – track 04
Glyph was recorded and mixed live. Custom- created compact discs were performed and manipulated on multiple compact disc players in real time, fed to a mixer and mastered to DAT with non additional EQ or outboard processing.

Christopher DeLaurenti is a Seattle-based composer, improvisor and phonographer.
About his work, he writes : « I seek not only to capture the ordinary and extraordinary sounds of everyday life, but to bear witness to current crises that touch my conscience and impel me to respond. »
Christopher’s best know pieces, the four called « protest symphonies », use the pertinent sonic materials of social change, topical field recordings, battlefield audio, earwitness testimony and other relevant sonic documents : N30 : live at the WTO Protest November 30, 1999, N30 : Who guards the Guardians ?, Two Secret Wars, and Live in New York at the Republican National Convention September 2 – August 28, 2004.
He is a co-funder of the Phonographers Union, a collective devoted to live improvisation with unprocessed field recordings. Christopher’s solo work encompasses field recordings, electroacoustic and acousmatic music, text-sound scores, free-improvised low-tech electronics, and compositions for acoustic instruments.
His music resides at delaurenti.net along with many music-related essays and articles.