17 novembre 2013


Delphine Dupré
C’est un monde parfait
durée/duration : 06:30
Elektramusic Electroacoustic Music Volume 03 CD
piste/track 06

Delphine Dupré is a french composer born in 1973. She studied Musicology at Lyon 2 University (DEUST), then she attend electroacoustic music course at ENM VIlleurbanne where she passed her composition diploma. She is a member of the « Inventaire Rhône-Alpes » and works on the sound inventary of composers from this french area. Works by Delphine Dupré were performed on France Music, Epsilonia, Les territoires du son, at Synthese festival, Futura, Musique en scène, Musique & Recherches, Licences festival in Paris, at GMVL in Lyon. Delphine Dupré lives in Lyon France where she composes for dance, theatre and video.