1 mai 2012

Performance « I am here » in Geneva

« I am here » is a performance by artist Valeria Alonso created especially for the electroacoustic Garden Party at EOFA/Maison Baron in Geneva, a proposal and musical conception by Elektramusic/Paul Clouvel.

Please also visit the web site of Valeria Alonso.

Valeria Alonso has been working independently since 1997, creating, producing and directing her own performances and video art pieces. With her work she traveled throughout Latin America, China, Japan, Europe and the U.S. She worked with the DE LA GUARDA Company, playing a main role in its show Doma, on top of a metallic ball measuring 50 metres in front of 14.000 spectators per performance in the Velodrome in Buenos Aires. She also performed with that same group in VILLA VILLA (the original company) in New York (1998), in The Roundhouse in London (1999) and in Buenos Aires (2001). She worked in FUERZA BRUTA in Buenos Aires (2010) directed by Dicky James. She worked with the Catalan group LA FURA DEL BAUS, as a performer (Buenos Aires 1999) in the show Pepsimania, in co-production with RAFAEL AMARGO´s company (Spain 2005) and in the creation IMPERIUM, of which the premire was held in Peking, in China, in May 2007 and European tour. Working with both these companies has meant maintaining a high level physical training in order to work in heights with harnesses and elastic ropes. Valeria Alonso founded her own company in the year 2000, thus beginning a personal research directed mainly towards theatre, imagery and movement. She moved to Paris in 2002, where she studied dancing with choreographers such as Wim Vandekeybus, Lisa Nelson, Mark Tompkins… In 2004, she took up a professional dance training, with the support of the Paris Town Council, in the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier directed by Mathilde Monnier. She began her studies in Buenos Aires at a very young age. She studied drama between 1992 and 1998 with teachers such as Osvaldo Peluffo and Ricardo Bartis, in the Instituto Universitario Nacional de las Artes, and attended a large variety of actor´s training workshops in Argentina and in Spain. She started working with digital video in 2001. She began creating independent research works and studied cinema and Esthetics with Emir Kusturica in Buenos Aires. She created La Queja (a short film: 30 min), which participated in the Women film directors section of the XIV Latin American Film Festival in Toulouse, in France (2002), in Sueños Cortos in Buenos Aires (2001) and in the Festival Internacional de artes del extremo sur in Mendoza, Argentina (2003). Paralell she works in films an television as an actress.

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