11 mars 2015
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SOUNDkitchen EARspace / Call For Works

SOUNDkitchen EARspace
Call For Works

SOUNDkitchen are working with Frontiers Festival 2015 to present EARspace on 21 March 2015 at HFWAS in Digbeth, Birmingham: hfwas.co.uk.

EARspace is an informal multichannel listening space consisting of an 8.1 loudspeaker system. EARspace will present a continuous programme of works for the duration of the event in the manner of a sound installation. There will be no fixed seating or a defined ‘front’ and the 8 speakers will be arranged in a circle or ellipse around the exterior of the listening space.  Audience members will be free to enter and exit the space at will.

Frontiers Festival 2015 takes a close look at technology in contemporary music, and in particular at the intersection between electronics and acoustics. The development of audio technology, both analogue and digital, has resulted in the proliferation of music that expands the palette of sounds composers have at their disposal beyond conventional instruments to all manner of new sonic possibilities. We are seeking fixed media, experimental electronic sound works (acousmatic, sound art, soundscape, radiophonic, noise, etc..) that address either of the following themes:

1. Work that references conceptually or sonically acoustic instruments.
2. Work that references conceptually or sonically, specific items of audio technology that have influenced experimental electronic music production (e..g. analogue tape, microphone, vinyl, sampler, synthesizer, portable audio recorder, midi, digital tools, coding software, circuit bending etc.)

Fixed media works of up to 8.1 channels are accepted. Works for quad, 5.1, 7.1 8 etc. configurations will be accommodated as closely as possible to the composer’s requested loudspeaker placement within the circular array. Stereo works may be diffused or duplicated across additional loudspeakers.

Deadline: Midnight, Wednesday 11 March 2015

SOUNDkitchen: soundkitchenuk.org
Frontiers Festival:  www.frontiersmusic.org