11 mars 2015
Music blog

Position: Montreal, Canada, Extended Term Appointment in Music Theory / Composition

The Department of Music is seeking applicants with a doctoral degree in music composition and at least three years of teaching experience within a post-secondary academic or conservatory environment. A career as a successful composer is an important element in addition to teaching experience.

Candidates should have good working knowledge of the technologies required in today’s music production/composition/teaching world, including notation software (Sibelius and Finale), DAWs (Cubase, Ableton, Logic), sound cards/laptops/MIDI controllers/protocols and other elements required for offline or live production and treatment of sound, as well as sound libraries, orchestral simulation techniques with major libraries such as Vienna Symphonic Library or Kontakt Libraries.

The ideal candidate will be open-minded and knowledgeable of the classical western tradition, 20th and 21st century practices, popular music, film music, video game music and world music.

Applications and support materials should reach the department no later than April 3, 2015.

Link: http://www.concordia.ca/finearts/about/jobs/extended-term-appointment-music-theory-composition.html