17 mai 2014
Music blog

di_stanze IV edition – community festival of sound arts

organized by: CIMA Association (Interdisciplinary Centre of Artistic Music) in collaboration with CEMAT Federation of Rome, the Conservatory of Frosinone, the Conservatory of Lecce, the Conservatory of Padova, the Conservatory of Palermo, the Conservatory of Salerno, with “Tor Vergata” University of Rome – Master in SONIC ARTS, with Phonos foundation of Barcellona, with the Music Technology Group (MTG) of the University of Barcellona, the Reactable Systems, with the Centre for Practice-Led Research in the Arts (CePRA) of the University of Leeds, with “Curva Minore” Association of Palermo and  Spazio Musica Association of Cagliari.

Submissions to the IV edition of the festival are now open. The authors can submit acousmatic works, audiovisual works, music for solo instrument and electronics, works for solo instrument and live electronics or augmented instrument, radio works – radio plays, works for laptop ensemble and/or video, electroacoustic improvisation,  web installation concept, musical acting, works for reactable, disklavier an electronics, turntables, piece + paper & papers.

To participate  and download call for works visit the site www.distanze.org

The works will be selected by a specific jury different for each category and will be hosted in one of the above mentioned institutions. Moreover, the works will be broadcast in live streaming in collaboration with radiocemat.