1 octobre 2016

Videomusic concert #2 // Festival Résonances Electriques

Videomusic concert #2 // Festival Résonances Electriques

Sunday 12rd November at 7:00 pm
Auditorium of the City of Music and Dance in Strasbourg

Elektramusic supports creation and composers, and wants to share sound creation with the greatest number of people. Transdisciplinarity remains the motto of Elektramusic, which the association applies by presenting a lot of works combining music and video art, electronics and instruments, film-concerts, sound installations.
Elektramusic really wants to develop partnership with structures in the visual arts, video arts, choreography and cultural mediation.

Electroacoustic interpretation : Paul Clouvel
except : Storm I by Pierre-Luc Lecours

Program :

Fractale Fall
music : Frédéric Kahn – video : Viktor Furiani (4:00)

video & music : Maxime Corbeil-Perron (6:40)

music : Adam Stansbie – video : Vishal Shah (4:40)

video and music : Line Katcho (5:30)

Qui est absent ?
music : Hubert Michel – video : Jérôme Thomas (09:30)

Storm I
music : Pierre-Luc Lecours – video : Myriam Boucher (15:20)