1 octobre 2016

Videomusic Concert #1 / Festival Resonances Electriques

Videomusic concert #1 // Festival Résonances Electriques

Saturday November 12nd at 8:30
Auditorium of the City of Music and Dance in Strasbourg

During the festival « Résonances Electriques » who will takes place form the 8th to the 16th of November in Strasbourg, Elektramusic offers « videoconcerts » combining musical creation, sound experimentation and video creation. Through theses two concerts which are proposed to you in Strasbourg, we propose you to discover creations mixing the universe of composers from all around the world and with at the same time, works of the repertoire but above fresh creations of emerging composers and videographers.

Program :

Electroacoustic interpretation : Paul Clouvel
exept Cités by Myriam Boucher

Anger Stone
music by Jon Christopher Nelson – video by Dave Ryan (6:00)

video and music by Line Katcho (7:28)

Portrait & Orchid
video and music by Delphine Measroch & Nicolas Bernier (12:30)

video and music by Line Katcho (8:17)

video and music by Myriam Boucher (11:00)