16 avril 2016

Electroacoustic concert #2

Electroacoustic concert #2

Elektramusic is proud to announce you his second concert of electroacoustic music and video.

This concert will takes place on May 12nd at 8:00pm in the Auditorium of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts in Strasbourg, France.

This concert will feature a very interesting bunch of new electroacoustic music and video works composed by young and emerging composers and video artists from all around the world. A perfect occasion to discover electroacoustic music and new music and video art.

Program :

– « Le Patch Bien Tempéré IV », of Tom MAYS, for BENDIR and real-time processing.
Bendir: Patti CUDD
Electroacoustic interpretation: Tom MAYS
World creation 2016

– « ERASE », of Sébastien BERANGER and Celia EID
Electroacoustic interpretation: Sébastien BERANGER
Video creation: Celia EID
creation 2015

– « O arco » for Berimbau and real-time electronic
Composition and interpretation: Enrico PEDICONE
World creation 2016

– « SPEECH », of Paul CLOUVEL and Michaela SCHWENTNER
for recorded voice, electroacoustic and video support
Electroacoustic interpretation: Paul CLOUVEL
Video creation: Michaela SCHWENTNER
Version 2016
-« Shapeshifter » of Line Katcho
Electroacoustic interpretation : Paul CLOUVEL

-« Duo » for Cajon & Computer, de Cort Lippe
Cajon: Patti Cudd
Electroacoustic interpretation: Tom Mays