1 avril 2013


Meri von KleinSmid is part of the first Elektramusic CD with her short, brittle and refined work : « The Observation of Curio n°19 ».
The Observation of Curio n°19
Elektramusic Electroacoustic Music Volume 01 CD – track 05
« The Observation of Curio No. 19 » was created with computer generated sound sources which were then clipped, rearranged and modified via audio software and equipment.
The resulting pieces were recombined for textual, structural and timbral reasons. Although there is a score for the piece, the composer took a free hand at the finishing stage.

Meri von KleinSmid is a american sound artist and experimental music composer.
She has composed experimental music for over 15 years, and she has worked for many years in the field of sound art.
She occasionally performs live, and collaborates with other artists. She currently resides in Seattle, was born in Los Angeles, lived in Cambridge, England, and has done time in Chicago.
Her diverse pieces range from 1986’s « Have a Spinach Salad » (Latibulum Records), which was only available in cassette form; to 2002’s CHI-TAPE (American Archive Recordings), a 62 minute odyssey through the dregs of Chicago; to her more recent experiments along more electronic lines. There will be a lot more to hear from this composer .
Her formal musical studies and training include flute, classical piano, history of Western music, and ethnomusicology.
Meri von KleinSmid is a member of the Seattle experimental music collective SoniCabal, a member of the International Alliance for Women in Music, EMF (Electronic Music Foundation), ICMA (International Computer Music Association), and the Chinese Music Society of North America.