20 avril 2013


Frédéric Kahn
Pensées d’Automne et Les pensées de la terre
durée/duration : 14:59 Elektramusic Electroacoustic Music Volume 03 CD
piste/track 02

Frederic Kahn is a french composer born in 1966. He studied composition with Denis Dufour and Gilbert Amy at CRR and CNSMD in Lyon France. He also attend composition course at IRCAM summer academy then at Acanthes center and Royaumont fundation. In 2000-2001 he attend IRACM composition and computer music course. Since 2002 Frederic Kahn teaches computer music at Lyon 2 University.
His musical works include music for solo to ensemble, electronic music and voice, and also collaborative works with arts, science, letter, scenic arts and video. His musical thinking focuse on multi-plan and temporality, new techonolgy, and try to connect writing, eletronic processing and morphologies. His works are performed in France and abroad.