2 mai 2012


For all year 2011, TNA re-broadcasts past episodes of Elektra, and for now especially episode 8, featuring video art, acousmatic live and concert with three works :

– « Blink Go Sumy » by Rodrigo Sigal
– « Oreja Digital  » by Rodrigo Sigal
(with Alejandro Lavandero – flutist)

– « For What They Are » by Bernd Schultheis
(extract « Cube de Percussions »)
(with Michael Pattmann and Asuka Hatanaka, drums, Jean-Philippe Wurtz artistic director of ‘Champs Libres festival’)

First broadcast first Thursday of each month at 07:30 PM on TNA.

Re-broadcasts : first Sunday of each month at 12:30 (midday) and 12 other broadcasts to follow during all the month.