6 juillet 2016
Music blog

What’s new for 2016/2017 ?

The whole team of Elektramusic whishes you a good holiday, or at least a good summer !
And, to make you salivate while waiting for the return, here is our programming for the 2016/2017 season !

Program :

Concerts and workshops at the « Résonances Electriques » festival, for which we are the delegated producers, from November 7th to November 16th. Elektramusic will therefor give its two concerts of music and video art on November 12nd and November 13rd.
As well, two workshops to discover the acousmonium on the same day at the auditorium of the City of Music and Dance in Strasbourg.

And, as every year, we will give 3 concerts at the auditorium of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg on January 26th, March 23rd and May 18th with our latest discoveries in electroacoustic music and video art, new creations for instruments and real-time electronics and an emphasis on works bu emerging composers.