22 août 2016
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Listen to the Voice of Fire-Alchemy in Experimental Sound Art.

Listen to the Voice of Fire-Alchemy in Experimental Sound Art. (Friday March 3rd 2017, Y Drwm, National Library of Wales) is a 1 day symposium exploring links between sound and alchemy.

We are looking for papers and music/sound art which engage with either :
– Alchemical texts (eg Dee, Asmole, Philalethes)
– Psychological perspectives on Alchemy (eg Jung) or
– Alchemy as metaphor or compositional process

The symposium is open to various compositional and theoretical approaches. Works involving: Sound art, noise, sound scape, field recordings, databending, drone, electrocacoustic, no input mixing board , electrronics as well as other approaches welcome.

Papers should be up to 20 minutes in length.

Music/sound art should not exceed 12 minutes in length.

Submisison should include :
1. Abstract/Programme Notes (500 words) including any technical requirements (PDF format)
2. Link to work (stereo) via Soundcloud or Bandcamp
3. Biography (250 words) (PDF format)
and be e-mailed to Dafydd Roberts, dir@aber.ac.uk, with SOUND in the subject field

Deadline 31st October 2016

Llwybr Sain/Noise Projection
Is a network for independent and affiliated sound artists and researchers from all disciplines. Based in West Wales the network seeks particpation from all geographies, local and further afield who have an interest in experimental sound making. The network will provide informal opportunities to exchange ideas and perspectives on making sound art, promote new sound performance and foster examination of sound art in relation to a latitude of perspectives including and not restricted to its philosophy,aesthetics, history, curation,psychology, and technologies.