29 octobre 2015
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Journal of Sonic Studies – New issue now available

We are proud to announce that the tenth issue of the Journal of Sonic Studies (web site), a proceedings issue of the second international European Sound Studies Association Conference (2014), is online.

The main theme of the conference was « mapping the field » and focused on (research into) sound artworks, sound archives, sound designs, audio books, for methodologies of sound studies, for sonic histories, for studying various listening attitudes, for audio technologies, etc.

This issue of the Journal of Sonic Studies contains eight contributions that, taken together, should not only give an overview of the versatility of the conference, but also show the value and productivity of sound studies in general.

Journal contents:

Editorial: Mapping the Field – Marcel Cobussen
Sound and Immersion in Timekiller Games – Anahid Kassabian
From Particle Data to Particular Sounds: Reflections on The Affordances of Contemporary Sonification Practices – Thomas Bjørnsten
Ideologies of Sound: Longing for presence from the eighteenth century until today – Nicola Gess
Auditory filmic space as a sphere, the audiovisual chord, and passive synthesis in Submarino by Thomas Vinterberg – Martine Huvenne
The Sound of Stuff: Archetypical Sound in Product Sound Design – Anna Symanczyk
Where Are the Ears of the Machine? Towards a Sounding Micro-Temporal Object-Oriented Ontology – Morten Riis
Mapping Soundfields: A User’s Manual – Norie Neumark
Peirce and Sound Design Practice – Leo Murray