23 avril 2014
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Interactive Music Notation and Representation Workshop (NIME 2014)

CFP – Interactive Music Notation and Representation Workshop

Workshop website: http://tiny.cc/7e8hex

Submission Deadline: May 16, 2014 (No extensions possible!)
Notification: May 30, 2014
Workshop date: June 30, 2014

Call for participation
Computer music tools for music notation have long been restricted to conventional approaches and dominated by a few systems, mainly oriented towards music engraving. During the last decade and driven by artistic and technological evolutions, new tools and new forms of music representation have emerged. The recent advent of systems like Bach, MaxScore or INScore (to cite just a few), clearly indicates that computer music notation tools have become mature enough to diverge from traditional approaches and to explore new domains and usages such as interactive and live notation.

The aim of the workshop is to gather artists, researchers and application developers, to compare the views and the needs inspired by contemporary practices, with a specific focus on interactive and live music, including representational forms emerging from live coding. Special consideration will be given to new instrumental forms emerging from the NIME community.

The workshop will be held in two parts:
* Overview of the notation history, tools, uses and problematics: Building a map of the different approaches, in interaction with invited participants and with the audience will be the main focus of this part. Online tools for mind mapping will be made available to allow remote participation.
* Practices and applications: This second part is intended to take advantage of the NIME context to involve, discover and question the notation issues related to new instruments, including also live coding perspectives. For this part, we are interested in artistic experiences as well as in technical approaches. Demonstrations will be welcome, whether based on tools or new instruments, including electronics.

You are invited to participate to this session about music notation, which will consist of both informal discussions and short presentations / demonstrations. If you would like to propose a presentation or a demonstration, send a one page abstract before May 16 to . A 20 minute time slot will be allocated to each accepted proposal. Look at http://tiny.cc/u27hex for a proposal template.

All the ressources and contributions to the workshop will be published on the music notation web site http://notation.afim-asso.org .

* Dominique Fober – Grame – Lyon
* Jean Bresson – Ircam – Paris
* Pierre Couprie – IReMus, Université Paris-Sorbonne – Paris
* Yann Geslin – INA/GRM – Paris
* Richard Hoadley – Anglia Ruskin University – Cambridge