17 juin 2015
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Call for EMSAN/JSSA Day 2015


Call for EMSAN/JSSA Day 2015
Gifu-Salamanca Electroacoustic Music Festival
Gifu (Japan)

The Japanese Society for Sonic Arts (JSSA) and the Electroacoustic Music Studies Asia Network (EMSAN-IReMus) are glad to announce the EMSAN/JSSA Day 2015 symposium. It will be held during Electroacoustic Music Festival at Salamanca hall (EAMS), at Gifu-Salamanca Hall (in the buildings Gifu Fureaï Plaza). Salamanca hall is located in Gifu, Japan. Presentations about the main theme and any other topics concerning Asian Electroacoustic Music will be welcomed.Information :

(1) Date and time : September 11th (Fri.) 2015, 13:00-16:00
(2) Conference venue :  Gifu-Salamanca Hall (in the buildings Gifu Fureaï Plaza), 5-14-53 Yabuta-minami Gifu, Japan
(3) Time limit for each presentation : 20 minutes.
(4) Language : Presentation can be made in English or in Japanese. No translator provided. Japanese presentations must have abstracts and slides written in English.
(5) Proceedings : The presentations will be published after the event on the EMSAN-IReMus Web site, in PDF format, in the peer-reviewed symposium proceedings.
(6)  Main Theme :  Transmission and Communication in Asian Electroacoutic Music.

The development of Electroacoustic music has led to new forms of arts. They are supported by innovative types of communication technology; musique concrète was related to radio studio, realtime live-electronics was made possible by high-speed audio processing, telematic music is relaying on network transmission, and so on. The term « transmission » can be interpreted in a broad sense: It can be a computing system, which enables peer-to peer communication, as well as a social system like broadcasting and social networking. How has been and will be the situation of transmission and communication in the past, present and future of Asian electroacoustic music?
(7) Important Dates
Deadline of the abstracts and bio with a photo : August 5th , 2015
Announcement of the presentation programs : August 10th , 2015
(8) Submission addresses : Abstracts and a bio with a photo should be sent by email before August 5, 2015 to both these addresses:

The EMSAN/JSSA Day 2015 symposium is supported by the Japanese Society for Sonic Arts (JSSA) and the French Institut de Recherche en Musicologie (IReMus-UMR 8223).