23 juillet 2015
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Audio Postcards – Call for submissions

The Canadian Association for Sound Ecology is pleased to launch our Audio Postcards project with a CALL for SUBMISSIONS. Please consider submitting and distributing this call for submissions. International submissions are welcome, but must be of the Canadian soundscape.

AUDIO POSTCARDS Call for sounds!
This is a call for submissions to Audio Postcards sourced from across the Canadian soundscape. This call is open to ecological researchers, audio artists, composers, and the listening public. In 1 to 2 minutes, create or capture an aural image of a place, moment, or region of Canada. They are open to sonic explorations of weather, urban life, animals, environmental data, or just the sounds from your porch. The Canadian Association welcomes any submissions ranging from unedited field recordings to completely transformed electroacoustic compositions; their goal is to hear how YOU hear the acoustic environment!

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