22 octobre 2015
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INTIME 2015 Symposium 24 & 25 October

INTIME 2015 Symposium is this Weekend (24th/25th October) and there are still opportunities to register.


This year includes the extraordinary, giant performance installation ‘Chorus’ by the artist Ray Lee, which is set up in the University Square and open to all comers.

Symposium Keynotes: Ray Lee and John Young.
Contributors to the Symposium include:
Elizabeth Cackett, Michele Del Prete, Neil O Connor, Tim Howle, Yiorgis Sakellariou, David Watt, Roberto Zanata, Neal Farwell, Karin de Fleyt, J. Harry Whalley, Christopher Jones, Kay Stephen, Anna Menzies, Richard Hoadley, Philip Mead, Katharine Norman, Kate Halsall, Ambrose Seddon, Beavan Flanagan, Michael Baldwin, Nicholas Peters, Annie Mahtani, Brian Connolly, Robert MacKay, Tom Williams, Juliana Janes-Yaffé, Huw McGregor, Michael Francis Duch, Dallas Simpson, Ben Potts, Agustin Castilla-Avila, Saif Bunni, Jim Dickinson.