1 mars 2013


Vincent Laubeuf is part of our second Elektramusic CD, with his piece Trajectoires/Répétitions.
duration : 7’59
Elektramusic Electroacoustic Music Volume 02 CD – track 05
An obsessional music, aimless repetitions, a distant landscape (a summer storm ?)…
This is a music of « counterpoint  » where each element is at the same time independant and bound to the others (completing them).
Its direction never directly open up, it’s an apparently aimless wandering, but a trip between the abstract and the anecdotal.
This piece is a new attempt to create a music of progression, which is not afraid to take the wrong road, accepting the unexpected (the incoherent), but which never lose sight (or hearing) of its goal.

Vincent Laubeuf is a french composer, born in 1965.
His musical studies leaded him to enter the class of instrumental and electroacoustic composition of Denis Dufour and Jean-Marc Duchenne.
Today he devote himself to instrumental or electroacoustic composition, but also to sonic works, like installations.
As electroacoustic music performer, he is part of the staff of Motus (concert productions and musical label), and Futura (International Acousmatic art Festival, Crest, France). He’s beginning a work around improvisation, with the company « L’Echo mis sur… « .
His works are often performed in concerts and festivals in France (38èmes Rugissants in Grenoble, Aujourd’hui Musiques in Perpignan, Futura in Crest, Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain in Strasbourg, la Péniche Opéra in Paris…) and abroad (Brussel, Beijing, Tokyo, New York…) and broadcast on many radios (France Musique, France Culture…)
Vincent Laubeuf received commissions from various organisations (GRM, Motus, Résonance Contemporaine,…).
Among his next projects, the creation of a music entitled Que faut-il faire pour faire de l’eau should be mentionned. It’s a work for 15 instruments et electronics, a commission of the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, which will be realised at the GRAME (Centre National de Création Musicale).