1 août 2013


Diego Garro‘s Systemfehler has been selected to be part of the Elektramusic CD 01.
duration 10’17 – 2004 Elektramusic Electroacoustic Music Volume 01 CD – track 04
It has been indeed an interesting, albeit difficult, challenge to articulate – musical – time using what prehaps can be regarded as the most ‘un-musical’ sound materials you can possibly find : dull ringing tones, harsh sonic spurts, piercing pikes of energy across the audible range of frequencies.
Working in the seclusion of a digital audio studio I felt free, for once, to mishandle sound equipment and software applications in order to generate most of the glitch material featured in Systemfehler. The composing act required a preliminary exercise of taming these stubbornly wild sounds, an exercise during which I unwittingly acquired, beside some tinnitus, an insight on the feeble nature of technology, its transience, its inherent instability. The transitory nature of the sonic detritus coming from the failure of these sophisticated tools mirrors their increasingly shorter and shorter life span.
Systemfehler may well be the soundtrack of the upgrade-rat-race that is engulfing us all in the rich world : the ‘lattest version’, running on the newest gizmos, while the old ones are already polluting the life of the less fortunate. A blip from a computer souncard in london, a rusty circuit board dumped, with thousand more, somewhere in China…

Diego Garro is an italian composer, born in 1965.
Senior Lecturer, he obtained his BSc in Electronic Engineering from Universita’ di Padova (Italy) where he collaborated with the Centro di Sonologia Computazionale.
He studied Electroacoustic Music with Mike Vaughan and Rajmil Fischman at Keele University, where he obtained his PhD in 2002 as well as various Higher Education teaching qualifications.
He holds a lectureship at the School of Humanities – Keele University – where he teaches Electroacoustic Music, Music Technology and Computer Video Art.
He specialised in the creative electronic media and composes audio and audio-visual works which are regularly selected and performed in UK and abroad. His works have often received international recognition in various festivals, conferences and competitions, including prizes in two consecutive years at the Synthèse (Bourges) International Competition of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art in 2004 and 2005.