12 février 2013


Elektramusic is pleased to include Why Do You Want to Come to Santa Barbara Graduate School, a work for text and electroacoustic music of David R. Mooney and Maxine Heller, on its vol 02 CD.
Why Do You Want to Come to Santa Barbara Graduate School
duration : 07’59
Elektramusic Electroacoustic Music
Volume 02 CD – track 05
Text written and read by Maxine Heller Sound treatment by David R. Mooney
Maxine’s boyfriend was being pressured by his mother to go to graduate school, specifically at Santa Barbara in their hometown, and get a real job. He didn’t want to go, but to get Mom off his back thought it best to go through the motions of applying. To assure his failure, he asked Maxine to write a bogus essay in answer to the titular question. Alas, the admissions office loved it and he had to go back to school. Maxine read her text for this rendition.

Maxine Heller
Maxine Heller was born in Pittsburgh in 1946. She has been a fiber artist for over 30 years. Her works have been exhibited locally and appear in private collections nationally and abroad. Long married to computer music composer David Mooney, she has performed the vocals for a number of his text pieces and, in several cases, written the texts themselves.
David R. Mooney
Davis Mooney (b. 1949) is a composer of fixed music on disc. After two decades in the visual arts he returned to music in the 1990s. His first public performance was at a Music on the Edge concert in 1998. His work has been heard at concerts, festivals and conferences in Asia, Europe, Australia, North America and the Caribbean, including ICMC, SEAMUS, Electronic Music Midwest, Logos Foundation Summer Concerts, the Shy Anne Film and Video Festival, EuCue Concerts, Bourges Festival Synthese, Zeppelin2004, 60×60, and at Engine 27. Mooney’s 24-part work Rhythmiconic Sections is available on the AUR label.