1 novembre 2012


Abril Padilla is the winner of the Elektramusic Award 2007 (listener’s prize) with her work Fluide urbain that Elektramusic broadcast on May 2006. Her new work Feu de voix is avaliable in the Elektramusic Electroacoustic Music Volume 02 CD, track 01.
Abril Padilla was born in 1970 in Buenos Aires and lives in France since 1995. Her compositional output consists of electroacoustic works, musical improvisation with everyday objects and musical shows (musical theatre, music for silent movies). She is also involved in various artistic and pedagogic interventions (Studio Son de la Cité de la Musique, CFMI of Orsay and Lille, France). She studied musical acoustics at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris.She won MAP bursary ( Pépinières européennes de jeunes artistes, 2002) and took part to the radio creation works contest CDMC-Radio Clásica in 2007, was among the 4 laureate of the 6th Concours d’Art Radiophonique organised by la Muse en Circuit (Paris), the WestDeutscheRundfunk and the Radio Suisse Romande (Fluide Urbain, created at the festival Archipel, Geneva 2005). She was artist in residency in Spain, in Italy, and in Switzerland (Willisau) in 2007. She took part to several international festivals and received various commissions (City of Bologna for the festival Angelica in 2004, City of Bondy and ARIAM île de France in 2006).

– Au cœur du Mi, commission of ARIAM île de France for 7 instruments and tape, 2006.
– Feu de voix, electroacoustic work about the symbol of fire and material. Realised at CCMIX, Paris and National Music Conservatory, Pantin (France) 2006.
– Fluide Urbain, radio work selected at the 6th Concours d’Art Radiophonique « La Muse en Circuit », 2005.
– Objets sacrés, for string ensemble, choir, baroque organ, trumpet and sound objects, commissioned by the city of Bologna, Italy (created at Festival Angelica, 2004).
– Canicas, electroacoustic music work for children, marbles, ping pong balls and tape (commissionned and created at Music Conservatory, Taverny (France) 2004).
– Los Juegos, radiophonic electroacoustic work (created at the Musica Contemporanea Alicante Festival 2003).
– Lugares de antiguas vecindades, quadriphonic electroacoustic work (created at Saragossa, january 2003).
– La mouche, for whisk, piano and two cellos (created at Orsay University, France 1997).
Improvisation and others works
– Live music for Fritz Lang’s silent movie « Der Müde Tod » (« Tanz mit dem Tod » Festival, Zurich 2005).
– Duo Gedanken Experiment for sound objects and prepared guitar (G.Lopez).
– Entre-Temps, musical theatre with Claire Moulin, Cluny Festival 1999, projection hall, IRCAM, Paris 2003.