9 février 2016
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Cicada Consort Call for Stereo Electronic Works

Cicada Consort Call for Stereo Electronic Works
Call For Stereo Electronic Works

Cicada Consort is proud to announce that we have procured a facility dedicated to playing a continuous stream of stereo fixed media electronic works for the entirety of the marathon! This means that audience members will be free to move between the purely electronic venue and the concert hall just across the lobby, giving them an even larger variety of music to choose from. http://www.cicadaconsort.org/call-for-electronic-works.html. We are looking to fill up a roughly 8 hour slot of music, so please pass this call on to your friends and colleagues!

Submit all stereo recordings to cicadaconsort@gmail.com, using the following subject format:
Cicada Consort CFEW: [Composer Name] – [Title of Work]
For all large files, please use a service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

All names will, of course, be included in both the printed program and the program on the website. Given the constant stream nature of the performance, the names of the composers and the works will be projected on screen for audience reference. If there is any material in your work that may not be suitable for children, please do inform us of this in your email. The final date for submissions is March 5th, 2016.